Our Why

Our voices are those of residents living in "ground-zero" from the climate crisis, we understand the urgency of this issue as we have seen its effects already in our community. As the generation this issue will affect most we want to create agents of change


Understanding the Climate Crisis

Before diving into diets or food waste, you need to understand the climate crisis as a whole to see the impact changing your habits and the infrastructure of school waste has in the broader sense.

Our Resources

Let's Talk About Solutions

Our solution is two fold: we need to act to reduce our food waste and dietary emissions and we need to educate the public on this issue.


By going into classrooms and conducting peer-to-peer presentations in collaboration with the Climate Leadership Information Project and through our youth-led podcast we seek to increase climate literacy in our community.


Through composting and advocating for more plant-based options with our school officials we seek to reduce our methane emissions. Moreover, by providing resources like our How-to-Compost Guide and our Plant-based Cookbook we empower students and families to individually adopt more sustainable habits.

Meet our Miami Palmetto Senior High Team

Analysse Humaran

Gianna Hutton

Alyssa Hunt

Imani Mitchell

Lacey Buckwald

Raafay Khan

Isabel Duran

Alexa Fein

Meet our Coaches

Pamela Shlachtman

Sara Edelman